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Value +Plus covers your piece of the pie with 
Down Payment Protection.

Buy the home you want and be confident that your down payment is protected with Value +Plus.

Congratulations! You are ready to enjoy the excitement and freedom that only homeownership can provide.

However, you know uncertainty exists. Things can happen outside of your control that can reduce your home's value in the future and make it hard to for you to take that next job or upgrade to another home.

Where title insurance, private mortgage insurance, and homeowner’s insurance each make lending more secure for the lenders, Value +Plus covers your your down payment against unpredictable market losses.

If the market goes down and you need to sell for any reason, Value +Plus will reimburse you up to your full down payment if you sell at a loss. So, get the home you want and lose the worry. Get a Value +Plus Mortgage with Down Payment Protection.

Here’s how it works

You put $60,000 down on a home.

5 years later the market is down and you need to sell for $15,000 less.

What would have been a $15,000 loss is reimbursed back to you in less than 30 days.

It really is that simple!

How it works, sample picture

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"You have a Dream, We make it a Reality"

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Why Down Payment Protection is Important? How Down Payment Protection Works?

Value +Plus by Oaktree Funding Corp. is distributed by PVI Agency, LLC. PVI Agency, LLC dba ValueInsured is a licensed agency in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and is not affiliated with Oaktree Funding Corp.  Terms and conditions of the insurance described herein as Value +Plus, including pricing, are determined solely by the issuer of the coverage, PVI Agency, LLC dba ValueInsured, and not Oaktree Funding Corp.  Approval of your mortgage loan from Oaktree Funding Corp. will not be conditioned upon your obtaining Value +Plus down payment protection.  NMLS #71640 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org).  Oaktree Funding Corp. 1298 West 7th Street Upland, CA 91786 United States